Westward (in India)

Originally, my ancestors hail from the northwest part of India called Gujarat. It’s a vibrant, colorful place known for its food, folk dances, and colors! One thing that sets Gujarati food apart from all the other foods is the fact that its a little on the sweeter end (i.e. lots of sugar + spice).

New York continues to surprise me with its food. Two days ago, I got to taste a platter full of Gujarati food and I think I just found my go to place for everytime I miss home.

The restaurant’s name is Vatan. If you’re looking for an authentic Indian food option, this is definitely the place to go. The place is set up such that it feels as if you’re sitting in a rural village. On one wall there is a giant statue of Lord Ganesha. A themed restaurant done right, in my opinion.

The food is served in a manner that is called a “Thali” aka a platter with various different foods (the refills are unlimited). It’s a fixed menu and each Thali costs $34.

I admit it was a little overwhelming to have so many options but I dug in after a little thought. I also admit I was a little skeptical about how the food from my home would taste like in NYC, but I was not let down!

The appetizer Thali
The Entreé Thali

(what is not in the picture: A big bowl of rice, a big bowl of curried rice, curry)

After gulping all of this down, the server asked us if we’re ready for dessert. My cousin and I looked at each other, sighing and defeated, said we’re ready to get the check.



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