Saturday at Sarabeths

I think it’s easy to assume that one wouldn’t mind indulging in a fancy brunch, occasionally. Going to Sarabeths was a long time coming. Located on 27th and Park Ave, this establishment serves one of the best coffees I’ve had in the city.


We arrived slightly later than the usual brunch time (1 pm), but bless them because their brunch menu runs until 4 pm.

The restaurant is huge, so we did not have any trouble finding a seat only a few minutes after we arrived. Although, if you’re more than two people it’ll be wise to make a reservation.

They have an elaborate menu, so choosing something took a bit of a time. However, whatever we ordered did not disappoint us!

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I am always a little hesitant to order home fries. They’ve always been too salty, too oily, basically too much of something. But guys, this dish was perfect. Definitely made it to my top 5 home fries in America.

The Omelette was just perfect. Fluffy and filled with oozing cheddar and veggies. I almost thought I would not be able to eat it all. I did, though. Cannot waste food. 

My friend got the Morning Bowl, and she devoured it, so I am assuming that it was everything that she ever wanted that morning.

It is easy to say that if you’re in New York and are looking for an excellent, a little pricey, fancy brunch place, please go to Sarabeths!! It won’t disappoint.

Also, did I mention that finding their bathroom is like going into a Labyrinth?  It’s all good, though. I made it out alive.



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