Surprise, surprise



On Saturday night, my friend and I ventured out into NYC to go dancing. It ended up just being the two of us, making us a little unsure about how the night was going to pan out. However, I decided to be overly optimistic and said, “Let the universe surprise us.” My friend (obviously) scoffed at my statement but decided to go along with it.

At first, we decided to go to a Mexican fast food joint, Dos Caminos, but as soon as we got there we acknowledged that it did not feel right. ‘Lo and behold, we came upon a small rustic Italian restaurant right beside it called Bread and Tulips. As soon as you enter a restaurant, there is a staircase that takes you down to the seating area. We were a little hesitant walking down the stairs because we couldn’t see anyone but right as the seating area came into our view, we were greeted with warm tones, candle lights, beautiful music, and exposed brick walls.

Our server was super hospitable. Delicious red wine, Aglio E Olio pasta, and a rum soaked sponge cake with lemon sorbet was scarfed down within minutes.  

My friend and I discussed how this would be a perfect spot for a fancy date because it ended up being a little pricey that we expected.  However, totally worth it! Stuffing ourselves in this restaurant was a perfect way to fuel up for a night of fun and dancing. 

Look out for unexpected adventures! They always surprise you.

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