Ask Mighty: School/Life Balance

How can I balance what school asks of me and what I want out of school? I want to pursue something outside of my classroom and campus resources, and I feel like school gets in the way of my life plans.

I find myself more in my head than in real life. How do I motivate myself to be present instead of in my head?


Dear M,

I work 2 jobs, 3 classes, write a blog, go the gym every day, curate a weekly newsletter, do the regular apartment chores, and find time to do homework every day. I am not complaining, not even close. I signed up for all of that. But I also, I am not comparing me to you. Just jotting down things that I do – some for myself, and some that I have to do. There is no way out of the things that you need to do.

You made an explicit choice to do all that you do, right now. And that’s the truth.

I think that life after school, the “real life,” is a myth. Real life is right now. School is as real as the job you’re going to get after college. If you die right at this moment, will anyone say that you didn’t really live a real life? I am not saying that you have to live in fear and do as much as you can, just because you’re going to die soon. What I am saying is, that you have to continuously remind yourself that what you’re learning in school, doing in internships, absorbing in a college campus, is absolutely precious and worth it. I know people keep saying that classroom knowledge does not amount to much. But it is still a warm up to get to situated in life. It’s a glimpse into things that you could possibly see yourself doing.

Learn how to appreciate everything and everyone in your life. Get out of that zone of self-pity, and accept where you are right at this moment. What you’re doing is important and if you try to keep that in sight, you’ll find your motivation. I promise. That one small thing will only lead to a need to do so much more.

Remind yourself, “I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am blessed.”

I hope this isn’t too harsh, but I hope that you understand that this is necessary.



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